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Love in the Time of Cloud: Architecting the Ideal Partner

It’s been well over thirty years since the release of Weird Science. For those of you unfamiliar with the plot of the classic 80’s flick, it goes a little something like this: two high school nerds use highly questionable computational and engineering methods to build themselves the “perfect” woman. While I can’t speculate as to how close the global scientific community is to achieving the ends laid out by Gary and Wyatt in the film (most likely dangerously close), I can say that societally, we now have other means for building the “perfect” companion in our brains. Technology gives us the power to fill in the many blanks presented by the potential partners we come across.

The blanks exist because these would-be partners want it that way. Anyone who wants us to know more  simply divulges to us to the information we seek. Yet we trudge on, stalking Facebook profiles, Instagram feeds, Spotify playlists etc. for anything we can find, determined to fall in love with who we think someone is. On top of that, we pair what we find with the tiny tangibles we are given to convince ourselves someone is “right” for us. Really, it’s what a person has resolutely and very selectively projected to us that we are so attracted to. Logic doesn’t seem to matter much in this arena. We know better. Despite sounder judgment, borderline-obsessive internet sleuthing in various degrees of severity persists in many of us. I must confess to it personally. While what we find isn’t always real, I’ve concluded that the feelings we generate in the process are.

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New Year’s Eve Sparkle | Reverse Sequined Romper

Hey y’all,

I was hoping to crank this post out before New Year’s, but I was in a remote dive site in the Philippines, and it took about 20-30 seconds to load a webpage.

I spent Dec. 31st getting scuba-certified, and relaxing with my family, so I didn’t attend any crazy New Year’s Eve parties, but if I had, this is what I would’ve worn:

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“Bad Choices Make Good Stories” | Vintage Army Jacket

Wanted to knock this blog post out before December started and holiday outfits took over, but I actually broke this blog and it took a week or so (and help from a friend who’s much more tech-y than I am) to fix it.

I feel like November is the perfect month for moody outfits, especially California’s November. It’s cold enough for an anorak and some vampy lipstick, but warm enough so your legs aren’t going to freeze through the rips in your distressed jeans. Continue Reading


Earthy Fall | Leather Blazer and Olive-Denim Shorts

Hi guys! It’s been a while, so I thought I would post these pictures that were nearly taken a year ago! This is one of the first ever outfits I shot with Radhika, and at the time we were still getting the hang of how to pose, direct, and shoot. Therefore the photos are quite boring and similar with one another, so I apologize for that! Still, you have to start somewhere! Continue Reading


Dear Sexist Male Coworker

Dear Sexist Male Coworker,

Today, we had a heated discussion on feminism. It may have started as a political debate on Hillary Clinton, but when I said that “feminism is what enabled Hillary Clinton to run for president,” you responded “feminism has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.”

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