New Year’s Eve Sparkle | Reverse Sequined Romper

Hey y’all,

I was hoping to crank this post out before New Year’s, but I was in a remote dive site in the Philippines, and it took about 20-30 seconds to load a webpage.

I spent Dec. 31st getting scuba-certified, and relaxing with my family, so I didn’t attend any crazy New Year’s Eve parties, but if I had, this is what I would’ve worn:


I’ve been super into blush and rose gold tones lately. Perhaps I just wanted to match the color of my iPhone? And I also wanted to wear a party outfit that was NOT a dress. When I saw this romper on Forever21’s website, my breath caught.


Sequins are a bit scratchy on the skin, and these are no exception, so this definitely does not qualify as comfort wear in any way. But alas, pain is beauty. 🙂

I also took the opportunity to play with some fairy lights. I strung them in the background and also around myself for some extra glow.




I’m a huge fan of the “bad girl” look, as evidenced by my military jacket outfit here. So to toughen up the look (and for warmth) I threw on a cropped leather jacket, and I quite like this combo:



I busted out some gold necklaces for the look. Rose gold on top of rose gold is too excessive in my opinion, so I decided to go with the warmer tones in the outfit.


I rarely manage to keep my New Year’s Resolutions, but here are some lofty goals I have for this year:

  1. Have more expression in my pictures
  2. Take a photography class
  3. Learn Illustrator and learn new Photoshop skills
  4. Get PADI advanced scuba certification
  5. Travel to a new country
  6. Go out more (and stop being so much of a homebody)
  7. Hike more (1 time a month at least)
  8. Teach Roxy (my golden retriever puppy) to not jump on people.

Hope you had a lovely New Year’s! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

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