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Travel: Salsa Dancing In Old San Juan

A while ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Puerto Rico on vacation. We took a cruise from San Juan to the Caribbean, which you can read more about here.

I’ve always been fascinated with local culture, whether it’s the cuisine, customs, or history. While I do enjoy the occasional touristy gimmick (such as swimming with dolphins) there’s nothing I love more than checking out the local watering hole. Continue Reading

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Cruising In The Caribbean: Photo Travel Diary

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to the Caribbean on the Celebrity Summit cruise for winter vacation. My parents love to travel (#blessed) so we try to go to two new places every year. However, now that I work full time in Silicon Valley, these family trips are fewer and farther in between.

As a family, we’ve been on a few cruises to different places around the world. My parents have discovered that cruising gives them the opportunity to explore new places, without the hassle of booking different hotels and hopping from location to location. And as they’re getting older (sorry Dad, but it’s true) they are no longer as eager to trek through the Himalayas or backpack across Cambodia, so they’ve been choosing more “relaxing” destinations in recent times. In particular, tropical island destinations. Continue Reading

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#GirlfriendGetaway in Carmel

Last October (where has an entire year gone?) had me dealing the worst heartbreak of my adult life. Much earlier in the year, I fell for a man who didn’t love me back and was never going to.  Last October, I forced his hand in explicitly admitting this to me. I am sure I will tell you all about that in another post, but let’s forget about him for now, because I sure as hell have (been trying to). I’m lucky in that when I have disappointments or let downs, I don’t default to chocolate, alcohol, sex with strangers, or binge-ing on anything really. I am fueled by revenge-spiration: the need to prove to said person or entity I was let down by, that I am indeed more than good enough for them. So when I get bad news, my reactions usually involve making myself look extra great, working really hard on particular projects or pouring myself into new ventures, and/or exploring and adventuring new places. The last one is less revenge-spiration motivated, and more so just good for the soul and a natural inclination I have. Regardless of my disposition, adventuring is something I will always say yes to.

Continue Reading