“Bad Choices Make Good Stories” | Vintage Army Jacket

Wanted to knock this blog post out before December started and holiday outfits took over, but I actually broke this blog and it took a week or so (and help from a friend who’s much more tech-y than I am) to fix it.

I feel like November is the perfect month for moody outfits, especially California’s November. It’s cold enough for an anorak and some vampy lipstick, but warm enough so your legs aren’t going to freeze through the rips in your distressed jeans.



I styled my outfit around this gorgeous vintage army jacket from Jac Vanek. I wanted to keep things simple, so I wore a white crop top underneath. The top says “I speak fluent sarcasm” which is quite applicable to me and my personality.


That’s not the only item that has a tongue-in-cheek message. The main reason why I purchased this jacket is the messaging on the back: “Bad Choices Make Good Stories.”


I’ve certainly had some bad choices that have turned into hilarious adventures (most of which involve a copious amount of alcohol), but I also like to interpret this quote differently.

Often times, you don’t know if a choice is good or bad until after you’ve made it. It’s difficult foresee the result of an action sometimes. This quote motivates me to make bolder choices, and to take risks – because even if the choice I made turns out to be a bad one, I’ll probably end up with a good story!

I love this look with a bold lip, and I thought brown would be a fun color to try! Especially for someone who is intimidated by black lipstick, brown was a good entry-level color for me.colourpop-limbo-brown-lipstick-1
I also recently bought a new car, a used ’14 Mazda Hatchback, and I’m kind of in love with it. So I used the opportunity to shoot with it. My previous car was a beat-up 2004 Mazda Sedan that had been through a couple accidents, so for safety reasons, it was time to upgrade.



I’ve also been carrying my gear around in my new Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag, which I think is the perfect camera bag! The dividers keep my equipment organized, the mag-latch makes things easy to grab, and it’s very easy on the eyes.



I shot this outfit twice, because I decided to experiment with shooting in direct sunlight, for more of a  “street style” vibe. While direct sunlight can look harsh, the shadows that play in the angles of the face and curves of the body give off an urban effect that I quite like.



Thanks for reading!

Jacket: Jac Vanek
Tee: China
Distressed Jeans: Express
Booties: Charlotte Russe
Bag: Peak Design
Sunglass: SojoS
Lipstick: ColourPop “Limbo”

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