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Red Pleated Maxi Skirt | SF Palace of Fine Arts

GUESS WHAT? I finally had the honor of shooting with a REAL photographer!!! I discovered Cassie Xie through my friend Fritz, who happens to be a wedding videographer. Once I saw her portfolio, I knew she would be so fun to shoot with! Her engagement photos were super romantic, with soft lighting and dramatic backgrounds. Continue Reading

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Instagram Disabled My Account And It Made Me Question My Existence

Ahh, of course. Another story of a privileged millennial girl with an iPhone, who probably spends too much time with her phone glued to her hand, and not enough time pondering the real issues of the world. (If you’re not interested, you can stop reading now and focus your attention on the ceasefire in Syria or the situation with the Great Barrier Reef. You know, important stuff.)

Here I was, mindlessly scrolling through my feed, when suddenly, Instagram logged me out of my account. No biggie, it’s happened before. I simply attempted to log in again, but then I got this message:

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Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

I recently stopped by the Filoli Estate and Gardens in Woodside, California. They were having a flower show, and my friends and I figured it would be a good time to check out the area. Aside from the burning sun, (seriously guys, do not forget SPF), the gardens were quite beautiful, and my friends and I had a lot of fun admiring the flowers!

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