About Us

Dear Readers,

Hello! We see that you found our humble home on the web. Welcome. You may find yourself with questions. Below, you will find our best attempt to guess what your questions are, and answer them.

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What the hell is a “NablaCross” ?

NablaCross? What does it mean? We’re so glad you asked. In mathematical operations, nabla cross is a way to describe both verbally and visually a vector cross product. The nabla is a tiny upside down triangle. The cross is an x. Honestly, Radhika had an electromagnetics professor in college who said it a lot and she thought it would make a sweet blog name and symbol. The nabla also has origins tracing back to the Hebrew symbol for harp. Sara plays the zither, aka the Chinese harp.  How badass and coincidental is that? Aside from these very reasonable explanations for our name, NablaCross represents an intersection of all our areas of interest. It’s the crossing of style, philosophy, culture, ideas, and our lives. It’s a simple reminder of the universal life elements we share with our readers. Math is a universal language that can transcend all other barriers. For this reason, we choose it to represent ourselves, our brand, and our connection to all of you.

Who are you?

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Sara and Radhika are two fabulous friends living in the greater San Francisco bay area. Since we either eat or wear all of our funds, paying San Francisco rent wasn’t really an option. When we aren’t online shopping, styling outfits, or writing words of wisdom, we are most likely at work. Yes, we have day jobs that aren’t maintaining this blog. Sara works full time as a marketing coordinator in Santa Clara and Radhika works as a sales engineer for a company in Redwood City. It pretty much goes without saying that any and all views or attitudes expressed on this blog are solely ours, and in no way representative of our respective employers (Radhika wants to go to law school.)

Why does your blog exist?

It’s no secret that the style blogging space is a crowded one. However, we feel that we have a unique perspective to share. More than merely showing you sexy stuff to wear for multiple occasions (which there will be plenty of) we want to portray the intersection of style in a greater cultural context. We hope to achieve this through our writing and interactions with you. We like to keep in mind that people make the clothes, not the other way around. At the end of the day, it’s not about who you are wearing; it’s about who you are (but it’s a little bit about what you are wearing.) We want to show style on a variety of budgets, for a variety of tastes, for a variety of body types. We want our readers to feel inspired, challenged, and inspired some more. We also want to prove that you don’t need a sexy-professional-photographer boyfriend to take respectable photos (that being said, if any men fitting that description read this, feel free to inbox either of us….) While we currently buy all of our own clothing, we are not above selling out for corporate sponsors. Please message us for brand partnership requests!

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We want this to be a space that you share with us. Collaboration fuels us. We hope you can identify with us, laugh with us, cry with us, and communicate with us, using fashion as the medium of choice. Whether you are looking for career inspiration, an outfit for a date, some women to troll, or your next travel destination, we want to say welcome. We are so glad you’re here! Let’s make some outfit memories.

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With Love,

Radhika and Sara